CSO, Inc, and it’s mission to serve the region during disasters is dependent upon the generous donations of citizens, companies, and with the coordination with other organizations and government entities.

Some of our contributors prefer to remain anonymous. We appreciate the anonymous contributors along with those who share their names with the public. None are forgotten.

We are proud to honor those whose efforts and gifts bring this mission to a reality. Below are links to the honor roll, divided into categories:

Donors, who through their generosity move the CSO mission forward.


1. Dean Sagers

2. Guardian Fence Company, Middletown DE

3. Delaware Preservation Fund Inc. (Affiliated with Preservation Delaware Inc.)

4. Annin Flagmakers, Roseland, NJ

5. Build A Giving Program, Austin, TX

6. Premier Pest, Middletown, DE

7. Maple Dale Country Club, Dover, DE

Supporters have donated in excess of $1000.


1. Anonymous

2. Anonymous

Sponsors, who through their generosity, have propelled CSO’s mission forward by contributing in excess of $25,000.


Benefactors, who through their donations of $100,000 or more, have truly brought CSO’s mission to a new level of sustainability.


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