The Commodore Center

The Commodore Center is located at the northern foot of the Saint Georges Bridge over the C & D Canal. It consists of just under 9 acres of land and a 22,000 square foot facility. The building was previously the Commodore McDonough Elementary School. We believe that the original portions of the building were constructed in the early 1920’s.

One of the biggest challenges facing CSO in the upcoming years will be the rehabilitation of the facility in order to create synergy between the community, business, and disaster preparedness. Through this effort, the Commodore Center will become an efficient and convenient venue for a variety of enterprises, and an ideal site for business incubation. This process will bring the Center far from its current state of abandon and disrepair, into an active role in the lives and economy of the community.

In a sense, CSO is recycling the property.

As CSO undertakes to clean up and refit the Center, CSO will use other green initiatives, technologies and efficiencies whenever possible so as to further build upon the ecological savings that this project will represent. We view this effort as a green initiative as part of our overall commitment to utilizing green solutions.

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