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July 1, 2011
Saint Georges Delaware

Today, CSO, Inc, a local not-for-profit community service organization announced that it has leased the old Commodore McDonough Elementary School in North Saint Georges Delaware. The 22,000 square foot managed facility and almost 9 acres of grounds will be occupied and put to potential use for such things as: office space; storage space; meeting and conference center; community center; and outdoor activities. Currently it is planned for the facility to be re-named the “Commodore Center”.

The fundraising activities will support the maintenance of the Center and the non-profit goal of providing a Disaster Relief Reception Center and organizational hub to serve all of Delaware. CSO plans to coordinate these disaster relief activities with a network of other State, County, and local disaster support organizations.

A portion of the proceeds from the fundraising efforts will also go to support the Delaware City Fire Company, which was instrumental in bringing about this positive change. The Delaware City Fire Company will maintain a presence and involvement in this property through the foreseeable future.

CSO will craft the Commodore Center into a focal synergy between the community, business, and disaster preparedness. It will become an efficient and convenient venue for a variety of enterprises, and an ideal site for business incubation. This process will bring the Center far from its current state of abandon and disrepair, into an active role in the lives and economy of the community. In a sense, CSO is recycling the property. As CSO undertakes to clean up and refit the Center, CSO will use other green initiatives, technologies and efficiencies whenever possible so as to further build upon the ecological savings that this project will represent.

CSO, Inc still has a number of regulatory and facility repair steps ahead of it as it moves towards a realization of this project, and expects to be phasing in the renewed vitality of the facility starting early in 2012. For more information about CSO, Inc, to become involved, and to follow updates as they develop, visit

The property will be managed by another local company, RASE, LLC, a real estate management firm. To inquire about renting space in the facility or the grounds contact us at: .

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