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CSO Inc is about Citizens Planning for the Security and Safety of Citizens

CSO, Inc is a tax exempt organization formed for the purpose of organizing and operating the Commodore Center, a disaster relief transit hub serving Delaware and Delmarva.

The Delmarva Peninsula is the third most difficult area in the United States to evacuate. That, combined with the natural and man made factors which pose risk for disaster in the region, creates a substantial need for organization and disaster relief preparedness.

While the entire job of providing for disaster relief for Delaware and the Peninsula is beyond the scope of CSO working by itself, through collaboration with other private organizations, and our public resources, we will take Delmarva one step closer to disaster preparedness and safety.

CSO, Inc. is classified with the IRS as tax exempt organization under 501(c)3. Qualified donations will thus be tax deductible. Please contact us for donation details.

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